In 1992, we started off with dismantling and disposing asbestos-contaminated electric storage heaters.

Over the years, our services became more diversified and we started to provide disassembly and disposal of all kind of hazardous components in buildings, such as asbestos (all forms and types), artificial mineral wool (KMF), polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), biological contaminants such as mold and biological excrement (e.g pigeon droppings) and dangerous wood preservatives (DDT and lindane)
In order to properly dispose hazardous substances, it is often necessary to post-process or separate hazardous from the non-hazardous components. For this purpose, we have developed various methods over the years, which, in 1996, resulted in our Berlin facilities that work according to the black-and-white principle.

After assuming new challenges for waste treatment with regard to waste processing for underground storage and processing ever more waste fractions, our facilities in Berlin were no longer able to cope with the increasing demand and quantity, in particular following the amendment of the Waste Disposal Ordinance in 2010. Therefore, we have set up larger, state-of-the-facilities in the surrounding area of Berlin in 2016.


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